Jul 1, 2014
Anonymous asked: scoteng taking a bath together


It seems like a fun idea at first since Arthur is very much a fan of cleanliness and a well washed/groomed body and Angus just likes the idea of wet naked embraces.

At first they try to sit facing inwards with their feet extending towards each other, but that quickly becomes impossible with Arthur’s constant complaining that the tap is digging mercilessly into his back and Angus is becoming increasing nervous about the proximity between Arthur’s foot and his own groin. 

—so they instead try to sit stacked together, with Arthur sat in-between Angus’ legs with his back to Angus’ chest. But that doesn’t last long either, with Angus grumbling that Arthur’s hair is tickling his rose and Arthur decides that he does not, in fact, trust Angus to be sat behind him where he cannot see him.

After some slippery difficulty they switch positions and there they finally settle. With Angus’ knees raised to create more space for Arthur’s legs, his back pressed to Arthur’s chest and his head resting on Arthur’s shoulder - (“I can see up your hairy nostrils from here”, Angus remarks with a grin and in return receives an angry slap to the stomach”) - all of which somehow seems more comfortable than the alternatives.

It’s a stressful process and a tight squeeze, and although not much washing is actually achieved, both agree that it made for an interesting evening at the very least.

Although both acknowledge that the venture would be much more successful if conducted in a more spacious bath tub and plans to go bathroom shopping are duely made. It’s about time the old bathroom was redecorated anyway. 

Jul 1, 2014
Anonymous asked: ScotEng prompt: Morning routine


Arthur is always the first to get up out of bed. Partly because he enjoys the fresh morning air and the birds singing in the trees and partly because he enjoys throwing open the curtains and watching Angus squirm under the rush of bright new sunlight.

They argue over who gets to use the bathroom first, and by argue I mean Angus grunts out “don’t go in yet I need a piss” but Arthur rushes in first anyway, so Angus grumbles that he is a dickhead and falls asleep for another half an hour.

By the time he’s woken again Arthur has already showered and shaved and is getting dressed for the day, so Angus sneaks a cheeky glimpse of the freshly washed Crown Jewels before he finally goes to use the bathroom.

And by the time Angus himself is dressed and ready there is toast with jam and a fresh cup of tea waiting for him on the kitchen table— along with Arthur prepared to pounce on him to nag about Angus leaving wet towels on the floor and forgetting to make his side of the bed.

—so Angus barely manages to take a bite of toast before he trudges back upstairs to neaten the bed and put the towels away properly as per Arthur’s frowning request.

(although he leaves his underwear from the previous night under Arthur’s pillow, just as a little gift to say thank you for the breakfast)